The year is 2093. Super heroes are common in this world. Humanity is about to bottom out.

Following the catastrophic events in World War 3, the earth’s most wealthy citizens combined their money and influence to terraform the landscape of Mars, creating an entirely new and pristinely clean environment. Those same individuals promptly relocated themselves and their possessions to Mars.

The remaining 99.99% of the world was left behind. Following massive nuclear warfare, all of Europe and Africa are uninhabitable. America, Canada, and Mexico have combined into a solitary nation New America. Sacramento is the new capital of New America. Communication of any sort has been impossible to establish with Asia, though visual reports reveal there is total anarchy about the continent. The only remaining area on the earth that still bears some resemblance to prior civilization is Australia.

When historians said all hope was all but lost, from nowhere a new game show emerged, Brains and Brawn. Brains and Brawn took off the first season it aired, and experts have come to say that B&B single handily stabilized the economy, halting the eventual backpedaling into civilization’s decline. Brains and Brawn also fueled strong advances in the way of technology. With the rise of BNB, three other companies also recovered from the edge of financial ruin; Apple for its computers, Sony for its TV’s, and T H Medicals for its medicine and operations.

brains and brawn

Armond Anorea