Andrew S. D. Sampson

Considered to be one of the world's brightest and up-and-coming celebrities, Andrew, "Andy" Sampson is said to have the luck of the devil himself.


Name: Andrew Shaft Dolemite Sampson.

Age: 24 Earth years old.

Race: Human.

Nationality: American, original African mixed heritage.

Gender: Male.

Skin: Light brown.

Height: 6’3’’ (Six Feet, Three inches tall).

Weight: 220 Pounds.

Body Type: Athletic, muscled, lean.

Hair: Curly, thick, shoulder length but tied back in a strict pony tail at the base of the neck.

Eye: Clear gray.


A many-time Olympian gold-medal champion in multiple categories, Andy Sampson’s fame seems to be inexhaustible. A humanitarian, scholar, athlete, and an artist, Andrew has fought what would to others be an extremely difficult journey to his rise to stardom, but this shooting star seems to make any difficult situation appear as a momentary distraction.

At the young age of eighteen years, Andy won the American Lottery, and donated close to seventy percent of his winnings to local charities in his neighborhood. Some say through this action of altruism, Andrew single-handedly saved his local economy and extinguished local poverty. The remainder of his funds he invested in various young companies that needed start up capitol, and amazingly, every single business flourished, including the now well-known T. H. Medicals corporation.

Andrew S. D. Sampson

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